How to Save Money on Diamonds and Engagement Rings

Diamond rings are known for their beauty and class. Unfortunately, most buyers are completely foreign to the product and end up purchasing diamonds with crazy markups or of inferior quality without knowing. 

While many people might think they’re getting value for money on their investment in diamond rings, the reality is, they aren’t. The jewelry industry has a lot of great, honest jewelers, and others who aren’t as reliable. The latter messes it up for everybody else. If you want to save money when buying a diamond ring, be sure to follow these guidelines.

Go for a smaller family-run jewelry store

Without a doubt, the best deal you’ll get when buying a diamond is through a jeweler who has low overhead costs. They’ll offer their products at fair prices than most of the large mall stores. You’ll realize that most of the family-owned and run jewelers have been around for decades and have incredible reviews and reputation online. They often have a physical store and/or an online store that you can find with a simple Google search. Often, family-owned store relies on search engine optimization to reach their target audience instead of billboards and radio or TV commercials because it's affordable and matches their business modes.

Family-run stores have extremely low markups, transferring the savings down to you. And unlike the mall chains, they provide some bargaining room for each piece. The best part is the quality of diamonds they offer are of higher quality. Most of these stores closely work with custom ring designers to deliver rings that match one’s needs. Some companies have incorporated that solution in-house.

If you’re looking for wholesale diamonds in Dallas, family-run jewelry stores offer the best deals. Since they collect their pieces from other dealers, they don’t incur crazy markups. Besides, they have a vast inventory to select from – they can collect diamonds from across the globe within a small time frame.

Keep off the mall chains

Most mall chains sell low-quality diamonds for a high marked up price. They’ve mastered the art of marketing and advertisement, which appeals to the buyer's emotions. The sad bit is the diamonds are overly expensive yet highly likely to be of poor quality. Besides, most of these malls don’t provide room for negotiations, meaning you have no room to drive the price down. If you want to save money, keep off from mall chains.

Internet stores

Although internet stores offer convenience and affordability, they are not for everyone. Before embarking on purchasing online, you need to understand how carat weight functions and that clarity and color are not strict guidelines. If you’re not conversant with the specs, you may find it challenging to buy online. While online stores may offer fantastic deals, you have to be extremely careful in considering each diamond, and their prices.

When looking for wholesale diamonds in Dallas, keep off the mall chains, get a trusted dealer with low overhead and don’t be caught up in the grades and specs of the diamonds. Have a budget in mind and work with a piece that matches your financial and personal preference. And if you’re stuck between two beautiful pieces, with price as the significant difference, settle for the cheaper one. Your fiancée will never have the chance to see the expensive piece you left behind, to make the comparison.

Sivan Kluger