Infographic: Unique diamond cuts which you can choose from for your engagement


People who look to buy diamond rings often pay least attention to the cut of the diamond. Cut of the diamond not only determines the quality, rather it reflects the uniqueness of the ring. Since diamond rings come in different cuts, it is important to select a diamond ring based on the type of diamond cut. Cut type suggests the quality of ring and shows how expertly it has been crafted to make it exclusive. Among different cuts that can be preferred for a ring, round cut is the most popular and it accounts for approx 75% of total diamond rings sold.

Princess cut diamond is another type which is much similar to round cut having plenty of facets and sparkling appeal. Among popular types of diamond, cushion cut is also preferred for engagement rings as it displays characteristics similar to round cut ones. Apart from the above three, emerald cut and oval cut diamond are also popular in the market owing to their beautiful look and distinctive appeal.

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Sivan Kluger